Friday, 3 January 2014

Santa's Shoebox Project

TCP on the B collaborated with Nabeela's Bakeshop this holiday season in preparing these Santa's Shoeboxes for underprivileged kids. The organisation called the Santa's Shoebox Project co-ordinates the donation, collection and distribution of personalized gifts at Christmas time to underprivileged children across South Africa and Namibia. Participating is a profoundly valuable and personal experience with each donor selecting the child he or she chooses to pledge a Santa Shoebox for by name, gender and age. Once we received our 6 kids details we shopped away according to the organisations requirements and filled the kiddies boxes with lots of goodies. We were asked to decorate the boxes in interesting ways to create unique keep sake boxes for each of the kids. 
Here's what we did...

For more info on the 2014 Santa's Shoebox Project campaign & how you can contribute, go here

Thursday, 2 January 2014

May the Force be with you

Would you believe that this Star Wars party and the Mad Hatter Tea recently posted were both over one weekend. Phew! And there was an added challenge going into this knowing almost nothing about Star Wars (yes, I thought Darth Vader was called Dark Vader- can u believe!) & I had the birthday boy and his older brother who are somewhat experts on the topic to impress. So I set out on a quest of my own, to equip myself with enough 'May-the-Force-be-with-you' related knowledge to pull off a Star Wars bash fit for a Jedi! 
Here's what we did...

Themed Cake Push Pops by Nabeela's Bakeshop

Instead of the traditional laid-out kiddies tables with plates and cups we did this fun activity table with loads of Star Wars related items for the kiddies to have fun with.

How Amazeee is this R2D2 cake by Nabeela's Bakeshop!  At more than half a metre high, with the cake literally standing on legs, it was truly the Star of the show! And the detailing!! The boys couldn't believe that it was a cake. 

R2D2 is the robot creature from Star Wars-incase like me you didn't know, and incase you interested, I came across a site that is solely dedicated to translating words to R2D2 language, yes an entire site for that! 
Give it a try here if you're curious.

Dawood, the Birthday Jedi in action!

Check out these two bad boys! 

Happy Birthday Dawood!

Decor Design & Styling:

Digital/Paper Artwork:
Cake, Cupcakes & Cake Push Pops: