Friday, 23 March 2012

Step Right Up...The Carnival's Coming to Town!!

These are the amazing pics from the Carnival themed 21st b-day we were working on. We had so much fun planning it. This was definitely one of TCP on the B's fav events!

We used red and white candy stripes with a bit of blue and yellow as the main colours for the deco. The Candy Store turned out to be a great idea for this client as he loves his sweets!


A Nabeela's Bakeshop creation.

These sneakers were ordered as a gift for the client and were designed and hand painted by TCP on the B to match the carnival party. Custom designed sneakers- how cool is that!

The gift- all packaged and pretty!

A bunch of colourful helium balloons added to the playfulness of the party.

One happy client!

All deco paper printables were designed by TCP on the B. Catering for this event as well as custom designed sneakers by us too. Cake by Nabeela's Bakeshop.

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