Thursday, 12 June 2014

Meet Mr Skinnylegs

So my little man turned 3 this week! I remember the day he was born like it was just yesterday, and now he's a little human, big enough to help his Mama up the stairs with her big preggie belly. Speaking of preggie belly, I'm 38 weeks along now and we are expecting the new arrival anytime, so we decided on just a little party for Yusuf at school. 

I decided to let him choose his own theme this year. I posed the question and waited anxiously for an answer... "A spider party Mama!". Luckily, something I could work with and he wasn't asking for a Spider Man theme. I used the cutest spider image I could find and we named him Mr Skinnylegs, after the spider from an episode of Yusuf's fav series, Peppa Pig

Being a little party at school, we settled on just party hats, party boxes and a gorgeous cake. 

With the school being strict on party packs, we played it safe by not including any edible items into the boxes. Bubbles, a colouring-in page and crayon, and a "Create your own Mr Skinnylegs" kit. 

Custom wrapped bubbles with a little spider on each.

We also custom wrapped the crayons, love the way they turned out. 

The 'Create your own Mr Skinnylegs" kit included Play-Doh, 8 spider legs and two googly eyes. 

Meet Yusuf, and the edible version of Mr Skinnylegs by Nabeela's Bakeshop (of course!). Check out his cutest little party hat that matched the ones the kiddies wore. Yes, I did make one for Yusuf too, but I knew he waited patiently for his turn to wear the special Birthday Crown his teacher makes them.

Look at that face!

Made Yusuf a tee for his Monster Bash last year which he was so excited to wear all through the year as a reminder of his birthday party. So I had to do him a Mr Skinnylegs version this time, complete with googly eyes and a pom pom. 

Happy Birthday Yusuf!
We love you too much!


Party Boxes, hat & Tee Shirt:

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