Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Gumballs for our Gumdrop

So glad to finally share the pics from my 4 year old's party with you all. With both kids born in June, we had a joint party for the two (score!!). However the challenge was having two separate themes for each of them in one setting. If you know my son, you'll know that if there's one thing he loves, its a gumball machine. He was so excited with his theme and was in total amazement over his cake. 

Don't leave without watching the party video at the bottom of this post.  Warning though, you'll be bobbing your head to the soundtrack long after watching. 

Even though I was pretty happy with the way these turned out, I must admit that it wasn't the smartest invite idea for 4 year olds. Some of these didn't even make it home from school. Kids! They ate the sweets and tossed the wrapper! 

I made these using a terracotta pot plant and a glass fish bowl. Yusuf was trilled!

This cake!! Speechless over this amazing creation by Nabeela's Bakeshop. The fish bowl on top is now home to a goldfish named Chip. Clever aunties are the best!

The kids loved being able to order their own drinks at the Cool Drinks stand. There were juice boxes on the menu for them. If this picture is anything to go by, i don't think that's what they were ordering. Sorry Moms! 

These are the party favour bags. I purchased canvas fabric, got them printed, then sewn and then added fluffy pom poms. Lots of effort, but the end result was worth it. I loved the idea of the kids being able to re-use these to carry their favourite bits and bobs in.

For the high quality version of the video click here

Happiest 4th Birthday to our first born, our special Gumball! 
The day was just perfect! I'm so grateful that we have this special memory to look back on.

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