Monday, 14 September 2015

Baby Hope House

On my kids birthday invites (Yusuf's at the back of his fold-over design) we asked guests to bring along a gift for the babies at Baby Hope House. I heard about Sonia and Lynne and the work they are doing for abandoned babies on the radio a year or so back. I remember being especially impressed that they are round the clock care givers to the babies, even doing night feeds themselves. They offer a safe house for abandoned babies until they are adopted, with most of them finding placement with families overseas. I was excited at the opportunity to help out their organisation. Guests were amazingly generous with their donations, pictured below. 

We went over to visit Hope House a few months back when we delivered all the donated baby items. The ladies were most grateful. We gifted Sonia and Lynne beautiful Africa pendants from Ziba Styles (100% of the proceeds from these necklaces sold by Ziba went to the Xenophobia crisis) as a little thank you for all they are doing for our African babies. 
May the world be blessed with more beautiful ladies like these two. 

Excuse Yara's bonnet, it was an extremely cold day so we wrapped this strawberry up real warm.

A huge thank you to all our guests who generously donated to our collection for Baby Hope House. For info on BHH or to find out how you can donate, please visit their website by clicking here.

Much Love,

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