Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Donut Miss it!

My first born turned 5 recently (oh why do they grow so fast). We had a small party at home for him and his bestie this year. This boy loves his donuts, and that's the theme he chose. A quick internet search and you'll notice that this seems a theme reserved for girls only, so of course I was up to the challenge of creating a donut themed party appropriate for a little man. I settled on a monochrome color scheme and created a donut clipart that I used through the decor. 

The invite, wording on the reverse side of the donut. 

Cos donut holes are donuts too.

The lovely Mumtaz of Cocoa was kind enough to gift Yusuf these lovely donut cake pops and the gorgeous cookies below. I'm always popping by Mumtaz's place to collect baked goods, especially cake pops and very often Yusuf is with me. Poor guys has to hold the box all the way home knowing he can't eat them because they are 'for a party Mama is doing'. When Mumtaz told me she'd do him cake pops, and they'd be donut shaped cake pops Yusuf and I were all too excited! Cannot thank her enough for her kindness in making my boy's day extra special. 

These mini donut boxes that I am pretty much still in love with [insert heart faced emoji here]. I saw this idea online a while back and it was too good to pass by. So while i had literally 100 things to do the week of the party (including three Party in a Box orders as well as Yara's party decor as we had a joint party again for the two) I was turning Cheerios cereal into mini donuts. Crazy i know, but the end result was so worth it!

Since my sister, the family baker, has left us for a year long adventure in Singapore (sign), I had to think up the easiest cake idea i could come up with. I added a little decor and this pile of donuts was good enough to be called a cake.

The white wooden shutters on the patio created the perfect backdrop for the feature tables. Score!!

You can spot a sneaky of Yara's table to the left.

It was such a cloudy day (you can tell by how dark it was indoors)

Not only does this guy love eating donuts (and anything else with sprinkles and icing), he loves baking too. We got the Mini Donut people come over to make donuts for the guests (and that was dessert sorted out for everyone). Yusuf had this plan in his head of how he would 'sell' the donuts to the kids, and that's when the idea popped into my head of making him a little donut shop. I gave each child a golden chocolate coin and they lined up at the donut shop to 'buy' their box of mini donuts. 

And then we turned the box of donuts into an activity for the kids where they decorated their donuts with everything from sprinkles to marshmallows and gumballs. And they took these home as the party favor too (easy peezy u see).  

According to Yusuf and his friends, a party should always have a piñata. I was in a bit of a pickle then as to where I would find a monochrome donut piñata?? So i bought a large cardboard cake box and made this one. His friend Niamh's dad is Mexican and is always in charge of piñata time, he makes it soo fun. 

5 already big boy!! 
We are proud.
PS- He's already decided on a Popcorn Party for next year. Wish me luck!

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