Monday, 10 June 2013

Have a MONSTER of a time!

Hello TCP on the B readers! With our last post more than a month ago, we've really been MIA. Let me fill u in...
 My Hubby, Little Man and I have been in the process of moving home this past few weeks, and with TCP on the B being a home run business, it meant that we moved too. With all our prettiness in tow, we are now finally settled and ready to plan new exciting events. We did still plan some pretty events during the move, but I just didn't get a chance to post them all here. I decided to start with the most recent, and the most special- my Little Boy's 2nd MONSTER Bash! I thought it a fitting theme for a 2 year old (aren't they all little Monster's at this age?) and a fun one for the kiddies too. A perfect sunny Sunday morning...Take a look!

We used some purple furry material to cover the backboard for a real Monster effect. The colour scheme for the party was bright colours with black & white chevron. We're so into B & W chevron at the moment. It's the new stripe, just can't get enough!

We used the furry material to make these Monster tent cards too! We absolutely love the way they turned out.  

Kiddies drinks in plastic French milk bottles complete with bakers twine, goggly eyed Monsters,...

...and fun chevron straws and straw flags too!

The kids had fun with these giant Pops.

The amazingly adorable cake by Nabeela's Bakeshop! Luckily Yusuf has a talented Aunt who' s always got the cake covered on his special day. We just couldnt get over the Monster's feet and the little Monster it's carrying. SWeeeet!

The little matching Monster was Yusuf's smash cake for him to enjoy all by himself!

NB created these sweet cupcakes too.

We created these party hats by hand. We made the purple hats and then added pom poms, goggly eyes and a fun fringe too. They were the perfect centrepiece on the kiddies table.

Place settings with chevon bags to hold the essentials. 

The kiddies favour bags included these above which we sourced from the web and just had to have...

and these Dough Monsters too...

and a slice of cake in these take home containers and a furry Monster friend too...

All packaged in these paper bags.

This is the Monster T shirt I got made for Yusuf to wear to the party. It reads, "Yusuf's MONSTER Bash!" He was running around having such a lot of fun that we didn't manage to get a good pic. Goggly eyes were added over the image's eyes for a real Monster effect. 

We did the adult drinks in jars with cupcake topper lids and chevron straws. 

Being sunday morn, we also did some breakfast food together with the other adult foodies. These were muesli and yoghurt in chalkboard jars with a raspberry compote layer at the bottle. 

And there was some fruity ice cream for later on too.

Thats me, Mummy Monster

Shoes off and fun, fun, fun!

Green Monster Goo and rides that go Weeeee!

Just a short break from all the fun.

Oops, almost forgot to post the invite. I added goggly eyes onto the printed version.

Birthday to you (as he says it) my Little Monster!


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  1. Cute theme for a 2 year old! But don't you get tired explaining every single detail. The pictures really speak for themselves, your viewers don't need an essay under each pic as it becomes "tiring" having to read all that unnecessary "stuff".

    Nusaiba :)

    1. What a fun theme! Little man must have been so thrilled. And personally i love your little explanations. Adds a personal touch to your blog. @nusaiba, if you dont enjoy the text just skip past it. Simple as that :)

      Keep up the great work!

  2. Love everything about this party.. yusuf is the cutest and luckiest little monster!! :)
    ps. i agree with anonymous above, i enjoy the personal touch :)