Monday, 24 June 2013

Tiffany & Co Sweet 16th

No, you aren't seeing double, or triple for that matter. This Sweet 16 from May was our 3rd Tiffany & Co themed event.  Each of our Tiffany & Co events had unique detailing which gave them their original look.  The Garden Court, uMhlanga was the perfect venue for this pretty 16th birthday.

We had these handmade frames imported all the way from the US. Aren't they sweet.

These Tiffany blue boxes we created were the perfect stand for the mini cakes. 

Tahiyya, the birthday girl, in gorgeous Tiffany blue too. 

We custom made this backdrop and added glittery buntings too. 

We looove these boxes we made to use as balloon weights. Who doesn't love a little Tiffany's box?

These pretties were the lemonade entrance drinks, in custom bottles with paper straws and sparkly straw flags too. 

We added little Tiffany & Co stickers to the nougat at each place setting. 

Crystal balloon centrepieces. The table drinks were supplied by the hotel. 

Happy Sweet 16 Tahiyya!

Crystal balloons featured here are available for sale. See our Party Supplies tab here

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